We appreciate your visit to our site.  Oscci.com was borne from our love of cats.  We have 3, one of which is called Oscci, one Herbie and one Bean.  The two males we have are brothers and were rescued when they were just a few days old.  They were brought into a refuge as the mother seemed to be lost.  We had to bottle feed them which was a wonderful experience.  It is not something we would recommend however, as both cats have allergies.  Oscci is asthmatic and Herbie has skin problems occasionally.  Bean came to us after a friend moved away to another country and could not take her with him.  She was 4 months old when she arrived with us and we were lucky that our two boys were so loving towards her, almost from the very beginning.  After just 1 week they all settled down together and they’ve all been buddies ever since.

We find images of cats in our travels on the internet.  We try to give credit where we can.  If you see one of your images and you’re not happy for it to be there, please just say and we’ll remove it.  We really just want this site to be a fun place to visit and enjoy a few moments looking at images of these wonderful creatures with all their antics.  There is a favoriting function so you can check back and look at the ones that made you smile.  We will try and add new images most days, time permitting.

We will never add images of obese cats or cats doing things that are unhealthy for them.  We only want to see happy and healthy kitties here. :-)


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