Cats, cats everywhere…

Ran out of toner


I am ze little French cat

Intrepid Explorer


Is this all I get?


Dreaming of a White Christmas?


Camouflage Cat

A hard day at the office.

Yes, I’m a kitten and my mom loves me.

Night Night


Let me in!

It has been a really hard day.

Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white

No, I’m not playing today

Kittens always get their own way.

Fall Kitty


I brought a few friends home for dinner.

Angry Kitten


Master of disguise

Cat Cafe in Japan

Cat cafés are huge in Japan right now. As the name suggests, these are coffee shops where cat lovers go to sip overpriced lattes and hang out with an adorable smoosh pile of kitties. In the past ...

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