Do not touch my babies.

Cute Little Princess


Korat Cats

Korats are gentle pets, moving softly and cautiously, disliking sudden, loud, or harsh noise. Though active in their play, they are very gentle with children.

Love like ours


This life is exhausting, I hope the next one is better.

This is the bestest bed I’ve ever had

Do not say moo

Kitty Butter


Penquin cat

A Face I Cannot Resist

Deep Blue


Somali Cat

Real Men Love Cats

Fall Kitty


It’s a magnetic what?!

Everything is upside down

What a tail!


Manul Cat

Although the Manul is only the size of the domestic cat, reaching about 26 inches in length its appearance makes it appear somewhat larger.  It is stocky and has very lengthy, thick fur, which gives it, perhaps ...

The Bellies! Look at those bellies!

What are they staring at!

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