Just drying out.

Happy Easter

Quiet, I am meditating

Zen Cat


Norwegian Forest Cat

This breed features a top coat of glossy, long furs that are water repellent and wooly undercoat which is thicker at the legs, that prevents it from getting cold attacks in the forests of Norway. The ...

Feats of Strength

There’s nothing like having your head vacuumed. You should try it.

Pretty eyes

I’m OK, I’m not crying.

Indoor Cat Climbing

Let him in!

Japanese Bobtail Cat

Japanese Bobtail - great cat for families

Too much festivity is not good for anyone

Catch me!


Where are the tapas?

My mom went mad with the needles

How much longer do we have to wait for service here.

I am never letting go!

Do I look amused?!



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