Playful Kitten

Why do those birds always taunt us so …


Daytrip Cat

Source A pet #cat named Dodger has taken to hopping on and off the public transport at the bus station near his home in England. The 15-year-old Tom sits on bemused ...

I called for tech support and this is who they sent me

Jelly belly

Please get me the remote

I am not telling you what is inside, it is too scary.



I’ve reached great heights.

Baby and Cats

We is buddies.


I love toes, just cannot resist.

I am discombobulated

Macro Cat Nose

I am not a couch potato

Jumping Cat

There was a bird outside my window this morning

Rescue & Child

A local rescue has a program called Book Buddies where kids read to sheltered cats to keep them from being lonely.

They could have left it in a saucer, this is ridiculous.

Busy, working

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