I will only bring you good luck



Throw that fish, right in here

Like mother like daughter



You don’t impress me much

White Lion

White lions are not albino as they have pigmentation which shows particularly in eye, paw pad and lip colour. The correct term for their condition is leucism, a state where there is near-normal eye colour, but loss ...

Have you picked up a signal yet?

Meeting a New Friend

Car kitty holder

Baby and Cats

A little fluffy bum.

Alley Cat


I will look after you

Attack of the Cute


Life is Hard


Nice and warm ‘ere

Norwegian Forest Cat

This breed features a top coat of glossy, long furs that are water repellent and wooly undercoat which is thicker at the legs, that prevents it from getting cold attacks in the forests of Norway. The ...

Cat Sling


Your water is so much better than mine

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